This is about HER. The one that dwells inside of you. The essence of the earth that is yearning to come out. To be recognized, to be claimed, to be fully expressed... through you. As you. 

A wild woman is in tune with the inherent energy that flows within her, within all of us. She worships herself so she can be in worship of the world. She is connected to her body through her spirit and so she is connected to the earth and its spirit. She is a vessel for love, creation and expansion. She is one with all. She is the power that exists within you and she is the medicine to heal the world. Remember who you are.


Created and Curated by:

Rachel Emma Pringle


Rachel Pringle is a Yoga & Meditation teacher with a RYT certificate from Yoga To The People, NYC. She is a life, love and attraction coach, model and a trained actress in Meisner Technique and 4th process. She has been studying human development for over a decade and is committed to the awareness of oneself.

Through 4 years of conservatory acting training she was able to discover the mystery that lies within us and gained tools of releasing and uncovering that allow the human form to let go of past pain, trauma and sadness stored in the body to deliver them to their core state of natural well being and fluidity. She has created and developed for the last 4 years  a self love meditation that has the ability to rid the body of disease and gain a positive confident and loving relationship to the body.

Her mission in life is to guide women and men to their deepest purpose through realigning them with her physical form and affording them the limitless energy and confidence to live the life of their dreams.

For private sessions email Emmarachelpringle@gmail.com


Moun D'Simone

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Moun D'Simone is a Breathwork, Meditation and Yoga teacher. She spent 2 years studying Yoga and Tibetan Buddhism in India, Thailand and Indonesia, where she became certified in Hatha & Ashtanga Yoga - from Shiva Yoga Peeth and Kalpana Radhika Yoga. She has  studied Traditional Tantra and Kundalini Yoga as well. A Certified Breath-Body-Mind Teacher, NLP practitioner, and MBSR Trainee.

Her early life struggles with anxiety and self loathing have propelled her to explore the connection between mind, body and heart towards self healing and transformation. Leading her to create a dynamic method to help people look within and heal their relationship with themselves as a catalyst to all healing; through breath, movement, and stillness making space for one's inherent qualities to arise. 

Her teachings combine modern science and ancient wisdom. Moun is dedicated to helping others  uncover their fullest potential, to live a life of balance, and self-love. She is known for her contagious self expression, that compels you to want to be around her, and share in her expertise, a strength that sparks inspiration.

For private sessions email itsmemoun@gmail.com

HIgh Vision

Our vision at wild woman is to unite and ignite our audience. To come back to our core, to our Mother, the innate nature within us.

This is a place for you to recognize your depth. For you to see yourself through the eyes of others, to be able to trust that inner voice.

We are here with awareness that in order to create change in this world it must start with us, with you. Only when we are full, can we serve others fully. When our energy is high and aligned in love, we give others permission to do the same, feel the same. When we truly love who we are, we love our brothers and sisters exactly as they are.

This is The Discipline of Worship.

This platform is a place for women and men to feel inspired through Writing, Poetry, Rituals, Meditations, Art, Photography and Film among others.

The community of people we are creating is constantly evolving. We are having the conversations most people aren't having. Building a space to feel seen and held in your own discovery.

Please let us know if there is something you would like to see more of on the site. 


Wild Woman Workshop

This workshop is designed to discover and experience all the different parts of the feminine essence. Through movement, voice, breath, yin, meditation and conversation we take you on a physical journey allowing you to first open the body, then be still within. Your instinctual essence and intuition becoming focused and present. Then we integrate together to discover hidden pathways within ourselves to concentrate our creative energy. From there you can manifest the life you truly desire

Dance is an integral part of this experience. It allows the body to open. Our physical body is so intelligent when we give it the space to be fully expressed. Many of us have been afraid of our sexual energy, deeming it bad or dangerous- when sexual and creative energy are actually one and the same. By coming into union with this powerful force, we can learn how to sharpen it for creation. After taking this workshop you will have new access to your creative expression and the desire to leave old ways of being to start life anew. This activation is designed to shine light on the parts of us not yet awake and jolt us into a new way of being. 

Voice is our channel to truth. Whether we have been made wrong or haven't fully understood our own ability to communicate, many of us are scared to speak, to voice our deepest feelings. By creating safe space to speak exactly what's on our mind, we clear the channel of the throat chakra granting ourselves permission to say what's true for us. By releasing stagnant energy through our voice we open a doorway to a greater understanding of the self. Communication is one human beings' greatest tools. When we learn to operate from a deeper sense of self without being afraid of our voice, we initiate opportunities that can shift our life.

Breath is our direct gateway to life. Most of us have no idea how to really breathe. Our tendency is to breathe from our chest cavity which can create anxiety and stress through shallow breaths blocking off half of your body's energy. When we breathe with our entire being, we open channels to energize our body and mind and are more focused and happy. Breathing techniques unlock doors within us that lead to self-realization and greater self esteem.

Yin practice is rooted in deep holds to access pain and trauma stored in our muscles and tissues. This practice is designed to alleviate long standing stress that can run havoc on the body by generating freedom of movement in the joints and bones. This release helps rebalance the body to its natural state so it feels unburdened and ready to receive.

Meditation is a practice of creating silence and space in the mind. By doing this we eradicate stress and mental anxiety, giving room for bliss to be cultivated from within. Specific tools and techniques can rewrite the inner dialogue to serve us instead of enslave us. By witnessing our thoughts we recognize we are not our thoughts. This is an incredibly empowering tool in living the life you dream of.

Conversation is where we integrate together. By dialoguing with others we get to feel connected, knowing we are not alone, giving us greater understanding and compassion. We are all here to help each other grow, and do this by sharing our own experiences and the tools which helped us break free of limiting beliefs and habits.



It starts with you and we here at Wild Woman thank you for honoring who you are.

I know who I am. I know what I am. I know how I serve. I am here. I am here. I am here.


*All photos on this site unless specified otherwise are from Pinterest and Tumblr.